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May Math Mania and Winners!

posted May 1, 2018, 6:44 AM by Brandy Hutchens
Thanks for everyone who has been supporting mathematical thinking at home this year by participating in Monthly Math Mania!  We've just posted our final problems for the year.  Students can grab the paper for their grade level by the front office or you can print them here.  Below are the winners from March.  April winners will be posted soon.

March Winners

5th Grade:

Daria G. (Devesa)

Kate HH. (Devesa)

4th Grade:

Bella S. (Tisocco)

Ava B. (Henning)

Lucy (Echaiz)

3rd Grade:

Ada W. (Jones)

Nora C. (Cavelius)

2nd Grade:

David A. (Fonseca)

Baxter C. (Fonseca)

Sam HH. (Fonseca)

1st Grade:

Caroline (Lewis)

Victor T (Murray)


Emma Tisocco (Rodriquez)

Zoe Tolmie (Rodriquez)